Hang out with your team online and solve the criminal mystery!

A precious necklace has been stolen in a hotel! Your task is to find out who stole it, where is it hidden and how did the perpetrator open the safe?

The game is perfect for remoted teams.

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Technical information: 

  • Reserve 2 hours of time.

  • All you need is a computer with a microphone and the ZOOM app installed.

  • You will receive a link that will allow you to participate in the game.

  • A multilayered plot that includes different platforms: Youtube, Facebook and websites.

In order to solve the mystery, you will at times connect to real rooms with actual characters of our game inside. You can talk to them and get crucial info!

Do you have any doubts? See, what others say about us:

"The game was far better than we expected. Questions were asked about when would we meet again. "

"Addictive and brilliant plot, I will definitely participate in the coming games."

"I totally lost the sense of time for two hours, I was afraid that if I left for a moment I would miss something important."


Spend a creative day and choose the activities you like.


What the picnic online means?

  •  it is a dedicated platform with secure access for your employees

  •  it is an opportunity to meet stars who interact with the participants

  • it is a variety of activities that will be enjoyed by different users

  • it is a meeting for all employees and safe team integration  

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An Undiscovered



                                                   The Secret Diary of William Fox

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I'll tell you an extraordinary story...


In 1883, William Fox was born in Cornwall. The war forced him to leave this beautifull place. It turned out to be the beginning of a life-long journey. Every day brought with it a new adventure.

He managed to collect a sizeable treasure during his journey. He hid it and left instructions on how to find it in his special diary. He wanted it to be found by a brilliant and curious person who can decipher all the instructions left by the traveller. Perhaps it will be you?

How it works?

The participants will be divided into teams of several people. Their task will be to solve the case of the mysterious diary, in which one of the key pages was torn out.


The background of the entire game will be oriental places and the wildest corners of the world. Participants will meet with representatives of different cultures and professions who can help them solve their tasks.

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